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     Here at Boise Love INC, we support and carry out our mission by serving alongside our many volunteers.            To learn more, please click the link below.  

                                   Scroll down to see our current Volunteer Opportunities.  Want to get involved?                            Fill out the form below to get started!

In addition to our ongoing volunteer roles,  we have many projects like planting neighborhood gardens, sidewalk sales, yard work for seniors and furniture transport.  These unique opportunities are perfect for individuals, families and small groups who desire to make an impact for good in our local community.  Even if you have limited availability, there is a fit for you!  Please fill out the form on this page and we’ll help you find a place to serve that brings you joy!


Current Volunteer Opportunities

The Clearinghouse – Receives requests for help, screens the requests, verifies the need, and then refers the request to a local church ministry, church volunteer, or community agency.

Abundant Living – A six month program which is designed to help people find their way out of financial problems and into a debt-free way of living.  Not enabling people to remain in their current situation but empowering them to live and be what God has intended them to be.

GAP “God Always Provides” Ministries – Love INC GAP ministries are ministries that churches have in place to help fill a “gap” in the resources in our local community.  Gap Ministries exist to serve and make an impact in families’ lives.

Much, much more – There are many ways to serve at Boise Love INC.  You will find those ways on the form found on this page.  We look forward to partnering with you to help serve and support our local community.


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